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Syllabus Outline

Topics in the module include the following:

Introduction: Multimedia applications and requirements (e.g., overview of multimedia systems, video-on-demand, interactive television, video conferencing, hypermedia courseware, groupware, World Wide Web, and digital libraries).
Audio/Video fundamentals including analog and digital representations, human perception, and audio/video equipment, applications.
Audio and video compression including perceptual transform coders for images/video (e.g., JPEG, MPEG, H.263, etc.), scalable coders (e.g., pyramid coders), and perceptual audio encoders. Application and performance comparison of various coding algorithms including hardware/software trade-offs. Image and video processing applications and algorithms.
Multimedia hardware and software including computer architecture and devices, OS support, network protocols, multicast networks (MBONE), continuous media system services and toolkits, and digital media servers and storage systems.
Content authoring tools (e.g., image/video/audio editors, asset management database systems, web authoring tools, scripting languages, web/database tools, automatic web/page generation, etc.).
Advanced Multimedia: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Multimedia databases/digital libraries
Multimedia systems: Case Studies (e.g., galleries, simulated environments, documents, educational courseware, etc.).

Dave Marshall