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Spectral Theory Network Conference II

This two day meeting took place in Cardiff on 27-28 July 2002.


A .pdf fle containing a timetable together with a full list of participants and all talk abstracts is available to download (123Kb). For further details please email Dr BM Brown.

  • M.vanden.Berg (Bristol) - Subexponential decay of the Dirichlet heat kernel
  • E.B.Davies (Kings London) - Spectral properties of some non-self-adjoint differential systems
  • M.S.P.Eastham (Cardiff) - Spectral concentration and resonances
  • P.Jimack (Leeds) - On the use of finite element multigrid for the optimal solution of differential eigenvalue problems
  • Y.Kurylev (Loughborough) - Boundary spectral and dynamic inverse problems in electromagnetism
  • H.Langer (Vienna, Austria) - Some inverse spectral problems
  • L.Markus (Minnesota, USA)- Some inverse spectral problems
  • S.Naboko (St Petersburg, Russia) - Functional model approach for spectral analysis of dissipative operators -- applications to differential operators
  • L.Parnovsky (UCL) - Integrated density of states and the Bethe-Sommerfeld conjecture
  • K.Schmidt (Cardiff) - Critical values and spectral asymptotics of singularly perturbed periodic differential operators
  • E.Shargorodsky (Sussex) - Eigenvalues of Toeplitz operators embedded in the essential spectra
  • C.Tretter (Bremen, Germany) - A new concept for block operator matrices: the Quadratic Numerical Range (QNR)
  • R.Weikard (Birmingham, USA) - On the inverse resonance problem
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