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Spectral Theory Network Conference VI

This three day meeting took place at Cardiff University on 23 - 25 July. It marked the 60 th birthday of Professor E B Davies FRS (Kings London).

A .pdf fle containing a timetable together with a full list of participants and all talk abstracts is available to download (92Kb). For further details please email Dr BM Brown.

  • G Barbatis (Ioannina, Greece) - Boundary decay estimates and Hardy-Rellich inequalities
  • BM Brown (Cardiff, UK) : The Borg-Levinson theorem on trees
  • MSP Eastham (Cardiff, UK) - Resonances and Extensions of the Kummer Evaluation of a Finite Hypergeometric Series
  • WD Evans (Cardiff, UK) - Spectral problems on arbitrary open subsets of R^n involving the distance to the boundary
  • E Harrell (Georgia Tech. USA) : Some geometric bounds on eigenvalues of elliptic PDEs
  • R Hempel (TU. Braunschweig, Germany) - On the lowest eigenvalue of the Laplacian with Neumann boundary condition on a small obstacle
  • M Levitin (Heroit Watt, UK) On spectral problems with mixed Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions
  • V Maz'ya (Sweden) - New spectral criteria for the Schroedinger operator
  • L Parnovsky (UCL, UK) : Distribution of lattice points
  • D Pearson (Hull, UK) - Weyl Limiting Circles for Schrodinger Operators in Higher Dimensions
  • A Pushnitski (Loughbrough, UK) - Inverse problem on semi-axis for compactly supported potentials
  • Y Safarov (KCL, UK) - Weyl Asymptotic Formula For The Laplacian On Domains With Rough Boundaries
  • KM Schmidt (Cardiff, UK) - Spectral stability of the Coulomb-Dirac operator with anomalous magnetic moment
  • B Simon (Caltech, USA) : The Sharp Form of the Strong Szego Theorem
  • B Straughan (Durham, UK) : Resonant porous penetrative convection
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