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Spectral Theory Network Conference I

This two day meeting took place in Cardiff on 19-20 October 2001.


A .pdf fle containing a timetable together with a full list of participants and all talk abstracts is available to download (92Kb). For further details please email Dr BM Brown.

  • R. Ashurov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) - On summability of spectral resolutions, connected with differential and pseudo-differential operators
  • C. Bennewitz (Lund, Sweden) - Inverse Spectral Theory for Left Definite Sturm-Liouville Equations
  • V.I. Burenkov (Cardiff) - Spectral Stability of the Neumann Laplacian
  • E. B.Davies (Kings, London) - Computing Thresholds for Schrödinger Operators
  • W. D. Evans (Cardiff) - Non-self-adjoint Sturm-Liouville operators and Hamiltonian systems
  • M. Levitin (Heriot Watt) - Computational Experiments and Bounds on Low Eigenvalues of the Dirichlet Laplacian for Planar Domains
  • M. Marletta (Leicester) - The Spectrum of the Ekman Flow and Related Block-Operator Problems
  • Y. Netrusov (Bristol) - Estimates of s-numbers of differential operators
  • D. B. Pearson (Hull) - Recent Developments in Value Distribution Theory for Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation
  • A. Pushnitski (Loughborough) - Trace Formulae for Stark Operator
  • F. Rofe-Beketov (Kharkov, Ukraine) - Inverse Spectral Problems, the Non-Self Adjoint Differential Operators on the Half Axis by Generalised Spectral Matrix.
  • A. Spence (Bath) - Inverse Iteration using Iterative Solves
  • B. Straughan (Durham) - Spectral Methods for Calculating Eigenvalues in Porous-Fluid Convection Problems.
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