Your Committee

Megan Jevin


Hey, I'm Megan. I'm American, I love coffee, and traveling is my life. Going into my third year of uni and my second year as society president. Join the society and let's hangout.

Luke Bandy

Social Secretary

Waiting on a bio from Luke. He's a crazy mofo.

Aidan Cammies


Hi I'm Aidan Cammies! I'm a 2nd year ComSci student and if anybody is actually reading this join the Society on Facebook because this year is going to be incredible!

James Kirk


Hi guys, I'm James but most people call me Kirk. Going into 2nd year Computer science, co-captain of ComSci football - quite short, love having a laugh, going to the pub and watching football.

Tori Ayames


Dance and music are the two things I cannot live without. Also, I'm one of those girls that are a little bit nerdy and artsy, likes to read, enjoys learning about new cultures, loves technology. Yeah, I'm a bit wierd, but don't you hesitate and talk to me, since I love to socialise.

Sean James


Hi, I'm Sean, going into 3rd year now. Studying Computer Science. I play badminton for Cardiff Uni and enjoy personal fitness. I am always up for a night out also, just look out for a tall guy.