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Our Continuing ProfessionalDevelopment courses will help you make sense of information and how your organisation can manage it.
Managing IT within a large organisation

About Our CPD Courses

The School offers a number of stand-alone, postgraduate level CPD courses to keep you up to date with the current tools, theory, practice and underlying principles required when managing Information Technology in an organisation.

Each of these short, 4 day courses aim to help you achieve a real business benefit from the substantial investment in Information Technology typical in any organisation. The cost of each course is £400 per person.

Title Overview Dates
Computer Forensics, Investigation and Response A hands-on approach to developing computer forensic investigation skills using Open Source software.

Wed 2 Feb, 2011;
23 Feb, 2011;
16 Mar, 2011;
6 April, 2011.

Distributed Computing Systems A comprehensive overview of the emerging trends in peer-to-peer (P2P), distributed objects, Web Services, Web 2.0 and Grid computing technologies.

Wed 9 Feb, 2011;
2 Mar, 2011;
23 Mar, 2011;
13 April, 2011.

Electronic Business Gives an understanding of the opportunities electronic commerce opens to a firm and of the organizational impediments to realizing these opportunities. Tues 1 Feb, 2011;
22 Feb, 2011;
15 Mar, 2011;
5 Apr, 2011.
Information Modeling and Management An understanding of the means by which conceptual models are realised in database schemas, and the representational power and limitations of the different types of data model. The role of database systems in information-rich Websites, and in particular the importance of XML and Semantic Web approaches are examined. (Basic familiarity with the SQL programing language is required for this course.) Fri 4 Feb, 2011;
25 Feb, 2011;
18 Mar, , 2011;
8 April, 2011.
Information Security Introduces the concepts of information security within the context of an organisation’s information systems, with the aim of making informed decisions on the security options relevant to business objectives. Fri 11 Feb, 2011;
4 Mar, 2011;
25 Mar, 2011;
15 April, 2011.

The dates given here are correct as of September 30th 2010 but may be subject to alterations. Circumstances may mean that the School has to vary the modules offered, for example because of changes in staffing. Cardiff University accepts no responsibility for any such changes or withdrawals of modules.