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PhD/MPhil Admissions FAQ

Q: How do I find a supervisor to suit my research interests?

The most up-to-date information on our research work is available online. This information should help you to decide whether we have the expertise appropriate to your research interests. There are also a number of example research projects that have been proposed by our research staff. You can use these to identify projects and staff with similar interest to your own:

Q: How much time will I spend on my research work?

There is no specification for how much time a research student must spend in attendance at the School as this is agreed between the student and the supervisor(s), and may change during the course of the research project. As a guide, full-time students should plan for a flexible 40 hour working week at minimum, and no more than 4 weeks’ leave per year (plus UK national holidays and University closure). However the demands of the work mean that the time you spend at your computer and writing-up will certainly exceed this.

Q: Can I do a part-time research degree?

Part-time students are expected to achieve the same outcome by devoting the same efforts to their research study on a pro-rata basis, i.e. a minimum of 20 hours each week over 5 years for a PhD or over 3 years for an MPhil. We will look for assurance that any applicant is prepared for the sacrifices in time and commitment in funds that are necessary.

Q: Will you help me find a job at the end of my studies?

There is a dedicated careers advisor for the School of Computer Science students based at the University's Careers Service.

Q: What are the fees?

The University sets the fees for all its courses each year, these tend to rise annually in line with inflation. The University's Finance Division publishes a list of fees.

Q: Can I pay by installments?

Yes, you can pay your fees in three installments. Information about this can be obtained from the Finance Division.

Q: Is there any funding available?

Applicants for research degrees may be considered for UK Research Council, European Union, Industrial, or University studentships. There are a limited number of School studentships, for which the competition is particularly keen. There may be an opportunity for selected research students to supplement their income and extend their personal skills by undertaking some tutoring within the School. For other ideas about funding possibilities look at the funding guide on the University's main site.

Q: Am I guaranteed a place in University residences?

All overseas/EU postgraduate students are guaranteed a single occupancy place in University residences if they submit an online application and make a pre-payment in line with the deadline date relevant to that session. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee UK postgraduates a place in University residences. For further information on the guarantee of residences, University residences and associated residences fees, please visit the Residences web site.

Q: Where can I find additional guidance for prospective students?

The University’s web pages provide comprehensive information for prospective postgraduates including guidance on postgraduate study, postgraduate life, and support for international students.

Q: How quickly will you respond to my application?

Decisions are normally made within a week or two of your completed application being received in the School. However the availability of potential supervisors may delay the process. Also, the University needs to send you a formal letter of response and this can take another week or two at busy times as they have to send letters for all postgraduate courses in the University.