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There are many to whom I am indebted in producing this course. First, I want to acknowledge T. Rhys Jones, through whose book Teach Yourself Living Welsh I first started to learn the language. I'd also like to thank Roger Vanderveen <> for giving me the impetus and encouragement to go ahead and produce the course. He is also the original author of the very fine lesson on pronunciation and the appendix on mutations. Third, I am indebted to and want to thank Briony Williams <>, Geraint Jones <>, and Dewi Lewis <> for proof-reading my lessons before I posted them. Briony Williams is also to be recognized for her fantastic contribution in producing the sounds for this course. Roy Stephens made the text of Yr Odliadur available electronically. Using this text as a starting point saved me a lot of typing in generating the Welsh-English lexicon and made the Welsh spell checker available much faster than it would otherwise have been.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the members of the WELSH-L mailing list who have made many contributions and corrections to the material. The advantage of posting the course to a Welsh language mailing list is that there are many on the list whose knowledge is superior to my own, so the chances that I will lead unwitting students astray for any length of time is minimized. I would especially like to thank Briony Williams and Michael Everson <EVERSON@IRLEARN.UCD.IE> for setting up and managing the Welsh archives.

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