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This course is one suitable for beginners. The main emphasis of the course is in developing conversational skills in Welsh as it is currently spoken (as contrasted with teaching the forms needed for understanding literary Welsh). The material is an indirect descendent of the Cymraeg Byw movement of the 1960s and 1970s. This course does not assume a general proficiency in learning languages, nor any previous background in Welsh. The course is also developed in such a way that it can be distributed either through an ASCII medium wrapped as a setext, or made available in HTML on the World Wide Web.

Geraint Jones (Rhydychen) has written answers for common questions about Welsh and Wales.

This course is still under construction. Please report any problems to me via e-mail.

Contents of the Course

One of the recommendations I always make to people who are trying to learn Welsh on their own is to get Welsh folk music (especially children's music since it tends to be more simple and repetitious) on either tapes or CDs and listen to them. Following this recommendation will have the following benefits:
  1. You will learn the correct pronunciation for the Welsh sounds by listening to them (and singing along).
  2. You will enjoy the music, so it won't seem like you're in the language laboratory.
  3. The music is readily available from Sain Records.
  4. You'll also be learning a bit about the Welsh culture in the process by seeing the kinds of things the Welsh put to music.

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