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Collaborative Virtual Teams (COVITE)

In the AEC (Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction) industry, large projects are tackled by consortia of companies and individuals, who work collaboratively for the duration of the project. Such projects are complex and the consortia members provide a range of skills to the project from its inception to completion. This industry has been examining how network technology can be used to improve the management of these projects. APSL, Civil Engineering Divison and School of Computer Science of Cardiff Univeristy are working on this project to build Grid versions of these applications and evaluate the effect of the Grid technology on consortium support.

COVITE supports the establishment of virtual design teams in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. By Grid-enabling the existing commercial software package, Product supplier catalogue for the AEC (Architecture / Engineering / Construction) industry, COVITE enables these virtual teams to plan, schedule, coordinate, and share components between designs and from different suppliers. There will be two kinds of software deliverables from this project: (1) Grid-enabled versions of the Product Supplier Catalogue Database (PSCD) – these will be developed with close involvement of software development staff at APSL. These will not be made publicly available, although APSL intends to commercially exploit them. (2) Grid-middleware that connects the PSCD with Globus services, and collaboration tools, which allow consortium members to gain maximum advantage from these products. These deliverables will enable similar projects to benefit from the experience gained in this project.