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Healthcare@Home: Patient-Centric Healthcare Over Grid Infrastructure [PDF]
Subramanian, S., Shaikh Ali, A., Rana, O., Hardisty, A., and Conley, E.,
IEEE 2006 John Vincent Atanasoff International Symposium on Modern Computing, 3-6 October 2006, Sofia , Bulgaria.
[Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation]

Knowledge Economy and Science Policy Link-up: What Wales Really Needs [PDF]
Conley, E.C., Hardisty, A.R., Owens, D.R.,
Unpublished whitepaper, July 2006.


"General presentation on Healthcare@Home", [PPT]
presented at UK e-Science All Meeting 2006, held 19th - 21st September in Nottingham, UK


Poster for Open Grid Forum (OGF) 20, Manchester, UK, May 2007 [PDF]