If you are new to the TRAK app then this page may offer you some help in getting familiar with the application.

Before you start your rehabilitation program we strongly advise you to read through the Knowledge base pages. The Knowledge Base offers you relevant, expert information. The general articles section offers information on the anatomy of the knee and knee disorders in general. Once you get registered, you will have access to the "Knee codition" section, which holds articles that are relevant to your condition, prognosis and treatment. The external links section is a collection of links to high quality external web resources.

The Recovery tracker is an interactive tool that enables you to evalute your recovery progress. The tracker will periodically ask you to fill out questionnaires and perform functional tests. Test results are comparable to typical ways of recovery so that you can make decisions whether a more intense follow-up or a revesit to your physician is necessery or not. The average score of the last three tests is your total current score. The current score will help you assess your overall recovery progress.

By clicking on the My self-care plan tab you can access your personal self-management plan. If you are not registered yet, then this page is where you can get started. The self-care plan is a tailored exercise program which consists of phases. Each plan includes the same Start here and a Finish phases which provide generic advice and information about the self-care program. The phases that are relevant to your condition are numbered. Each of these phases have different aims and exercise programs that are tailored to your individual needs.

Mobile app has been developed to help you keep track of your exercises on the go. It should be used in combination with My self-care plan, which will provide a selection of appropriate exercises for you to do. Mobile app will allow you to keep a diary of your exercise activities as you do them at home or somewhere else.

The Support group is a Facebook group that provides an opportunity for you to share your experiences and connect with others who have a knee condition. This group if NOT intended for personal communication between you and your healthcare provider or for seeking medical attention.

Finally, a training video is also available on YouTube. If you have difficulties hearing the audio clearly, using subtitles may help. To turn the subtitles on, please follow these instructions. Alternatively, you can download the text from the video.

Training video