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Timetable of Talks and Events

The timetable of talks and events for the 2002 Workshop may be downloaded as a PDF document.

Sunday July 21st, 2002
1900 Dinner

Monday July 22nd, 2002
0800 Breakfast
Chair M Marletta
0855 Malcolm Brown Introductory remarks
0900 John Ball Compatibility condition for microstructures
1000 Christiane Tretter The spectrum of some quadratic operator pencils associated with damped dynamical systems
1030 Marianna A Shubov Asymptotic and spectral analysis of aircraft wing model in subsonic airflow
1100 Coffee
Chair E B Davies
1130 Michael S P Eastham The Hurwitz theorem for Bessel functions and its consequences for antibound states
1200 Michael Hitrik Eigenvalue asymptotics for non-selfadjoint semiclassical operators
1230 D Hinton On the location of the least point of the essential spectrum
1300 Lunch
Chair P Binding
1400 Karl Michael Schmidt Eigenvalues in gaps of perturbed periodic Dirac operators - numerical evidence
1430 Gunter Stoltz The spectral minimum for random displacement models
1500 Peter K Jimack Optimal preconditioning for the finite element solution of elliptic partial differential equations
1530 P Kurasov Self-adjoint point interaction model of p-scattering
1600 Tea
Chair H Langer
1630 Sergey Naboko Fredholm analytic theorem on the boundary of a domain and its application to perturbation theory
1700-1730 R Romanov Spectral analysis of the dissipative Boltzmann operator and spectral singularities
1900 Reception
1930 Dinner

Tuesday July 23rd, 2002
0800 Breakfast
Chair R Weikard
0900 Ian Knowles Variational methods for inverse problems
1000 V S Samko Inverse spectral problem for the Sturm-Liouville equation, recovery of the potential from the spectral data
1030 Norbert Roehrl On a functional for solving inverse Sturm-Liouville problems
1100 Coffee
Chair R T Lewis
1130 A A Abramovy, V I Ul'yanova, K Balla and L F Yukhno On a spectral problem for certain differential algebraic equations of index 1
1200 Rainer Hempel Weakly coupled systems and avoided eigenvalue crossings
1230 Leon Greenberg Monotonicity of eigenvalues
1300 Lunch
Chair B M Brown
1400 Christer Bennewitz Uniqueness theorems in inverse spectral theory
1500 R Weikard A local Borg-Marchenko theorem for complex potentials
1530 William Rundell Some new inverse eigenvalue problems
1600 Tea
Chair M S P Eastham
1630 Y V Kurylev Gromov compactness of manifolds with boundary and stability in inverse boundary spectral problems
1700 Matthias Langer A Sturm-Liouville problem depending rationally on the eigenvalue parameter
1730-1800 Heinz Langer A Pontryagin space approach to singular perturbations of differential operators
1900 Dinner
2030 Impromptu musical event

Wednesday July 24th, 2002
0800 Breakfast
Chair M Plum
0900 Juan J Manfredi Viscosity solutions of p-Laplacian type equations, 1 < p 1
1000 Wolfgang Reichel Eigenvalues and Fucik-spectrum of the radially symmetric p-Laplacian
1030 Jan Lang Precise behaviour of the approximation numbers of the Sobolev embedding in the one-dimension case
1100 Coffee
Chair P K Jimack
1130 H Behnke Bounds for eigenvalues of an eigenvalue problem arising in the design of integrated optical chips
1200 G Alefeldy and G Mayer Admissable sets for matrix eigenpairs
1230 Robin Williams Multiphase instabilities in astrophysics
1300 Lunch
Afternoon Free
1900 Dinner
2030 Piano Recital by Sybille Hempel-Abromeit
Wine reception

Thursday July 25th, 2002
0800 Breakfast
Chair W Reichel
0900 B Kawohl Domain geometry and eigenvalues
1000 Guido Sweers Anti-maximum principles
1030 Catherine Bandle Rayleigh-Faber-Krahn inequalities and nonlinear boundary value problems
1100 Coffee
Chair R Hempel
1130 S Slavyanov Eigenfunctions generated by ODEs belonging to the Heun class and their applications in the Fourier analysis
1200 Paul Binding A hierarchy of Sturm-Liouville problems
1230 A B Mikhaylova and B S Pavlov Scattering in networks and design of the resonance triadic quantum switch 3
1300 Lunch
Chair A Zettl
1400 Jiri Horak and Wolfgang Reichel Fucik spectrum of the aplacian on some subdomains of the plane
1430 B Breuer Existence and inclusion methods for nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems on unbounded domains
1500 R Pohler Enclosures and existence proofs of bifurcation points for nonlinear boundary value problems
1530 J Rohe Verified calculation of an error bound for a simplified elastoplasticity model
1600 Tea
Chair D Hinton
1630 A Watson Application of the Wittrick-Williams algorithm to the eigenvalues of the Sturm-Liouville problem on trees
1700 D J Gilbert An inverse spectral problem associated with the one-dimensional Schroedinger operator
1730-1800 A A Shkalikov Limit spectral curves for the Orr-Sommerfeld operator and quasi-classical eigenvalue distribution along these curves
1930 Conference Dinner

Friday July 26th, 2002
0800 Breakfast
Chair W D Evans
0900 L N Trefethen Wave packet pseudomodes of twisted Toeplitz matrices
1000 D B Pearson Spectral theory for the Schroedinger equation with L2-sparse potentials
1030 Andreas M Hinz Delocalization for Schroedinger operators
1100 Coffee
Chair A M Hinz
1130 Jonatan Lenells The scattering approach for an integrable shallow water equation
1200-1230 A Zettl Left-definite Sturm-Liouville problems
1300 Lunch
End of Workshop

Daily Events

Coffee will be served each morning at 11:00, lunch is at 1:00pm and afternoon tea is at 4:00pm.

Special Events

Mon 7:00pm Reception.

Tue 8:30pm Impromptu musical evening.

Wed 8:30pm Piano recital and wine reception.

Thurs 7:30pm Conference dinner.


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