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Events and timetables

Location and travel

Participants for Gregynog '02

The following is a current list of participants for the workshop (click on the name to email that person).

Fees for the meeting, as noted in the letter of invitation, can be sent by credit card or cheque made payable to Cardiff University. This should be sent to Dr M Brown.


A.A. Abramov
G. Alefeld
A. Balinsky
J. Ball
C. Bandle
H. Behnke
C. Bennewitz
P. Binding
B. Breuer
B. M. Brown
P. Browne
C. Clason
E.B. Davies
M.S.P. Eastham
W.D. Evans


D. Gilbert
N. Gordon
L. Greenberg
G. Gudmundsdottir
R. Hempel
D. Hinton
A. Hinz
M. Hitrick
J. Horak


M. Jais
P. Jimack
H. Kalf
B. Kawohl
A. Kerouanton
I. Knowles
O.A. Krus
P. Kurasov
Y.V. Kurylev
J. Lang
M. Langer

H. Langer
J. Lenells
R.T. Lewis


J. Manfredi
M. Marletta
J.B. McLeod
S. Naboko
B. Pavlov

D.B. Pearson
M. Plum
R. Pöhler


W. Reichel
N Roehrl
J. Rohe
R. Romanov
W. Rundell
V. Samko
M. Schaefer
K.M. Schmidt
A. Shkalikov
M. Shubov
S. Slavyanov
I. Sorrell
G. Stolz
G.H. Sweers
L.N. Trefethen
C. Tretter


A. Watson
R. Weikard
R. Williams
A. Zettl

Principal Speakers

J. Ball (Oxford, UK)
C. Bennewitz (Lund, Sweden)
B. Kawohl (Kolne, Germany)
I. Knowles (Alabama, US)
J. J. Manfredi (Pittsburgh, US)
L. N. Trefethen (Oxford, UK

General Enquiries

Dr. Malcolm Brown.
Computer Science
Cardiff University
PO Box 916
CF24 3XF, U.K.

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