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Index of Abstracts

Abstracts appear alphabetically by author (Adobe Acrobat viewer is required to read the abstract).

C. Bennewitz Spectral theory and the Camassa-Holm equation PDF
P. Binding A comparison of spectra for some nonlinear eigenvalue problems PDF
R. Carlson Spectral asymptotics for quantum graphs PDF
M.M. Chipot On anisotropic singular perturbations problems PDF
J.S. Christiansen Spectral properties of a q-Sturm-Liouville operator PDF
M. Dauge How one can compute wrong eigenvalues and believe they are correct... and how to remedy PDF
M. Dauge Two methods for spectrally correct approximation of Maxwell cavity eigenfrequencies: Weighted Regularization and Discrete Commuting Diagrams PDF
M.S.P. EasthamLeaky graphs: corners and asymptotic straightness PDF
C. Engstrom Nonlinear spectral problems and Bloch waves in crystals PDF
D. Gilbert Higher Derivatives of Spectral Functions associated with a Class of One-Dimensional Shroedinger Operators PDF
G. Grubb M-functions and Krein resolvent formulas for nonselfadjoint elliptic boundary problems PDF
R. Haller-Dintelmann Optimal elliptic regularity near heterogeneous vertices PDF
H. Heck Stability estimates for the inverse conductivity problem PDF

R. Hempel

On Open Scattering Channels for Manifolds with Ends PDF

M. Hieber

Spectral Problems related to Boundary Layers in Fluids PDF

V. Hoang

Spectral Floquet-Bloch Theory for Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients and unbounded periodicity cells PDF

A. Iantchenko

An Inverse problem for the semi-classical resonances generated by a critical point of the potential PDF

J. Janas

Spectral properties of some classes of unbounded Jacobi matrices PDF

A. Kirsch

The Interior Transmission Eigenvalue Problem PDF

A. Kirsch

Recent Developments in Inverse Scattering Theory PDF

A. Kiselev

On spectral properties of nonself-adjoint operators with almost Hermitian spectrum PDF

E. Korotyaev

Sharpness in two-sided estimates for Hill operators PDF

V. Kostrykin

On indefinite quadratic forms PDF

P. Kurasov

On the Inverse Problem for Magnetic Schröodinger Operators on Graphs PDF

M. Langer

Eigenvalue enclosures and exclosures for non-self-adjoint problems in hydrodynamics PDF

A. Luger

On counting eigenvalues PDF

P.J. McKenna

Semilinear elliptic equations: conjectures, verification and experiments PDF

V. Moroz

'Boundary blowup' type sub-solutions to semilinear elliptic equations with Hardy potential PDF

M. Muzzulini

Titchmarsh-Sims-Weyl theory for complex Hamiltonian systems of arbitrary order PDF
S. Naboko On the behaviour of spectral functions of the Schrödinger operators with Wigner - von Neumann perturbation PDF
K. Nagatou Eigenvalue excluding on 1-D Schrödinger operators PDF
M.T. Nakao Numerical verification of solutions for elliptic problems with very high accuracy by using a spectral method PDF
S. Oishi Numerical Uniqueness and Existence Theorem for Solution of Lippmann-Schwinger Equation to Two Dimensional Sound Scattering Problem PDF
D.B. Pearson Dirichlet and Neumann Densities for the Schrodinger Operator in One Dimension PDF
M. Plum A computer-assisted proof for photonic band gaps PDF
W. Reichel A-priori bounds for discrete and continuous boundary value problems PDF
N. Roehrl A Least Squares Functional for Solving Inverse Sturm-Liouville Problems PDF
G. Rozenblum On the spectral properties of the perturbed Landau Hamiltonian and related problems in Analysis PDF
K.M. Schmidt A Hardy-Littlewood-type inequality for the p-Laplacian PDF
H. Siedentop The Scott Correction for a atoms according to Brown and Ravenhall PDF
A.A. Shkalikov On global stability for inverse Sturm-Liouville problems PDF
U. Smilansky The interior-exterior duality for discrete graphs PDF
M. Solomyak Counting the bound states of a Schroedinger Operator: Rozenblum - Lieb - Cwikel Estimate and beyond PDF
G. Stolz Random Schrodinger operators and the integrated density of states PDF
G. Stolz The random displacement model PDF
M. Strauss Spectral pollution and the quadratic projection method PDF
C.A. Stuart Buckling of a tapered column under its own weight (Part I) PDF
C.A. Stuart Buckling of a tapered column under its own weight (Part II) PDF
R. Weikard On the stability of inverse problems PDF
I. Wood Spectral Theory of non-selfadjoint operators via boundary triplets PDF

Principal Speakers

Professor M Dauge (Université De Rennes)
Professor A Kirsch (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Professor G Stolz (Birmingham Al)
Professor C Stuart (Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne, Switzerland

General Enquiries

Prof Malcolm Brown.
Cardiff School of Computer Science,
Cardiff University,
Queen's Buildings,
5 The Parade, Roath,
Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK

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