Title:Real-Time Sales Tracking System for a New Way of Doing Business
The paper seeks to use I.T. to develop a web based sales tracking system for users in a Consumer Direct Marketing (CDM) business. Managing the sales revenue stream is vital for all businesses and this paper seeks to establish work in this new business model which provides a more equitable relationship between manufacturers and its customers. The final product is developed using Apache as the web server, PHP as the network programming language, and MySQL as the database. AJAX, JSON, along with jQuery were also used to enhance the system performance in the terms of refreshing the system, data transmission and the coding of the underlying scripts. The objectives of the system to be user friendly, resourceful, organize, track, and analyse data and to ultimately help users generate further sales was largely met though future development work for the system to cater to variations of the CDM model still need to be reviewed.
Deliverables: Final report
Student: Peng Shuang Wang
Supervisor: Coral Yan-huang Walker
Moderator: Alia I Abdelmoty
Report: Archive