Title:Next Generation Software Musical Instruments and Samplers.
The Native Instruments software based musical sampler, Kontakt, is probably the most advanced of its kind. It includes its own special scripting language to control most of the internal parameters of the sampler and input MIDI and audio. Cubase through its VST effects and instruments technology provides a way for third parties to programme their own plugins to make their own digital effects or musical instruments. This project will look at use one or both of these systems to create new musical instruments. Both packages are available with in the School of Computer Science. A large library of samples is also available for use with Kontakt. The possibility to make new and weird instruments is potentially endless and the student will have some flexibility in what is developed. Some possible ideas include: * Real time virtual orchestration: Large orchestra and big brass band libraries exist. These are basically used within a sequencer (such as Cubase) to create individual tracks of an instrument and need to be input separately. As a composer one may want to play the instruments as an ensemble (e.g parts of or even a full orchestra). Kontakt scripting could be used to achieve this. * More realistic playing of a guitar/violin/cello via a keyboard is possible via Kontakt scripts e.g. the recognise legato phrases, or to play notes in a fingering or order natural to the guitar/violin etc. * Weird stuff can be programmed via Kontakt effects and sampling algorithms, e.g. multiple forms of synthesis, granular synthesis. Prerequisites: Good level of programming and algorithms. C++ for Cubase SDK programming.
Deliverables: Initial plan
Final report
Student: Jamie S Ells
Supervisor: Dave Marshall
Moderator: Kirill Sidorov
Report: Archive