Title:Algorithms for location tracking
You are a private investigator and you have been hired to track a group of suspects. Your approach is to track them through their smartphones, which continually emit their locations. You know the serial numbers of their phones (the numbers are contained in the information emitted), but unfortunately you don't know which phone belongs to which person. Even worse, the suspects are clever enough to be obfuscating their location by adding noise. The objective of this project is to implement a Maximum-Weight matching algorithm to help match each noisy location trace to the user it most likely came from. This is mostly an algorithms project. Knowledge of basic algorithms is required (at the level of CM2303), and previous programming experience is helpful. Knowledge of probabilities is also helpful.
Deliverables: Initial plan
Final report
Student: Alexander J Foreman
Supervisor: George Theodorakopoulos
Moderator: Ralph Martin
Report: Archive