Title:Cloud Economics and Risk Models
The objective of this project is to better understand economic models for supporting outsourcing of IT infrastructure -- as exemplified in Cloud computing systems. The student will be required to read existing literature in business models for Cloud computing, and better understand how effective these have been in practice. Such models are primarily focused on: (i) Software-as-a-Service; (ii) Platform-as-a-Service; (iii) Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The student will be required to undertake a market survey of who is using such systems, and subsequently consider the risks and benefits of supporting such outsourcing. The final part of the project will include developing a business model that enables a stake holder (individual or company) to evaluate risks in outsourcing their IT capability to a Cloud system. Depending on the interests of the student the emphasis in the project could be adapted to include: (i) simulation of risk models using the EmotiveCloud simulator; (ii) development of mathematical risk models; (iii) understanding of how such risk models can be utilized in practice. Which is the primary focus will be based on the interests/background of the student undertaking the project.
Deliverables: Initial plan
Final report
Student: Wen-Rong leon nicholas Choong
Supervisor: Omer F Rana
Moderator: Matthew James Williams
Report: Archive