Title:Real-time Television Companion Application
My project is to create software that provides the user with real-time information using meta-data about the television programme they are watching. I aim to follow basic HCI principles in order to accommodate the rising paralleled use of the internet whilst watching TV. I plan to develop this application for android. I aim to employ web scraping techniques to aggregate useful metadata from various sources (eg. http://thetvdb.com/) to provide the user with fast and convenient access to this information without actively having to search themselves. This metadata may include: Programme Name Airing schedule (scope to include a reminder for next aired show) Number of episodes and/or seasons First aired date Cast information (scope to link them to other programmes user may be interested in)
Deliverables: Initial plan
Final report
Student: James Carter
Supervisor: Xianfang Sun
Moderator: Richard Booth
Report: Archive