Title:An Android version of a crowdsourcing app
As part of the CorCenCC project, a mobile application was recently built for iOS that allows Welsh language speakers to record conversations (as audio or video files) and upload them for inclusion in the proposed National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh. The aim of the corpus is to provide as much Welsh language data as possible - which can be studied later by researchers, linguists, publishers and so on. The purpose of the app is to allow users throughout Wales to upload spoken contributions to this dataset directly. The app's functionality includes the recording and upload of the audio and video files themselves, the collection of metadata about these recordings and their contributors, and the communication of this information and these uploads with our database. The goal of this project is to implement an Android version of the app.
Deliverables: Initial plan
Final report
Student: Corey L Watson
Supervisor: Irena Spasic
Moderator: Padraig Corcoran
Report: Archive