Title:Simply Wales Information System
Simply Wales, formally known as Simply Solutions, is a small Cardiff-based enterprise that specialises in IT and Telecoms, who aim to provide the best and most efficient, cost effective, up to date solutions for your enterprise.(http://simplysolutions.co.uk/index.htm) As the previous partner opted to take another career path, Peter Morgan, the company director, manages the company single-handed with the occasional help from students. Upon taking a short work placement in this organisation, it became clear that the lack of organisation with clients was a huge problem as high-priority tasks were pushed aside or neglected. Furthermore, certain clients were demanding more time from call-outs for very simple or obvious tasks; this of course incurred extra costs for the business as this time could have been better spent elsewhere. I aim to assess the benefits, and possibly build a prototype, of an information system that supports the Simply Wales??? business administrative tasks to allow Peter Morgan to engage further with the business.
Deliverables: Initial plan
Interim report
Final report
Student: Charlotte Swinnerton
Supervisor: Wendy K Ivins
Moderator: Richard J White
Report: Archive