An Android based Social Photography Game/Application

David L Williams

Supervised by Stuart M Allen, Moderated by Dave Marshall

In a generation of social media and the continuing popularity trends towards mobile based games and social applications such as Instagram, Draw Something, 4 picture 1 word etc. I wanted to create a mobile application which incorporates elements of each of these applications. The Basic Concept: The application will present the user with randomised words for objects, sceneries or adjectives (similar to draw something). The user will then have the challenge of taking an adequate photo to represent this word to the public. The user photo will be uploaded to the application for all users to browse and try to guess what the photo could be representing. Key Elements of the project: Android Application development File Server Connection Database Connection Building a social network Research Potential: Part of the project will be looking in to ways the data collected from the application can be used to understand user personalities, likes and habits. And possibly image recognition

Final Report

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