Application for 1-D Cellular Automata

Shudong Lu

Supervised by Coral Yan-huang Walker, Moderated by Matthew J W Morgan

Take his project if you are willing to learn, to discover and to have a lot of fun. A program follows a certain set of rules and accomplishes particular tasks. The simplicity of the rules doesn???t always produce a simple outcome. In this project, you will see that a simple program with simple rules can produce graphs of high complexity. Task: Design a graphical application. By specifying a different set of rules, the application is able to produce cellular automata of various level of complexity. You may introduce colors into the program and extend it so that it provides the function of pattern design. Requirements: You must be confident in Python/Java programming. Processing 3 is the best tool to develop such an application. You need to learn to use it. You must study at least the first three chapters of Wolfram???s classic book ???A New Kind of Science???. It is available at

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