Implementing a user-friendly version of the TRAK web site

Xerxes Bamji

Supervised by Irena Spasic, Moderated by Kirill Sidorov

TRAK is a web-based app that supports self-management of knee rehabilitation. The key functionality of the app includes information provision, a three-step exercise program based on a standard care for the rehabilitation of knee conditions, self-monitoring with visual feedback, and a virtual support group. more information about TRAK can be found here: The app has been re-implemented for use within NHS: You can login using cardiff as a both user name and a password. The goal of this project would be to re-implement this web site to: (1) improve the look and feel of the web site, including a responsive mode, to ultimately improve its user friendliness, and (2) add extra functionality such as automatically creating a video playlist based on an exercise prescription.

Initial Plan

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