Simply Wales Information System

Charlotte Swinnerton

Supervised by Wendy K Ivins, Moderated by Richard J White

Simply Wales, formally known as Simply Solutions, is a small Cardiff-based enterprise that specialises in IT and Telecoms, who aim to provide the best and most efficient, cost effective, up to date solutions for your enterprise.( As the previous partner opted to take another career path, Peter Morgan, the company director, manages the company single-handed with the occasional help from students. Upon taking a short work placement in this organisation, it became clear that the lack of organisation with clients was a huge problem as high-priority tasks were pushed aside or neglected. Furthermore, certain clients were demanding more time from call-outs for very simple or obvious tasks; this of course incurred extra costs for the business as this time could have been better spent elsewhere. I aim to assess the benefits, and possibly build a prototype, of an information system that supports the Simply Wales??? business administrative tasks to allow Peter Morgan to engage further with the business.

Initial Plan

Interim Report

Final Report

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