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Projects from 2012

12"Twitter-style" App for Group CommunicationMichael L JamesAlun D PreeceNick J AvisX - A Collaborative Note-Taking WebsiteGeorge NixonAlia I AbdelmotyNick J AvisX
34Mapping a Physical EnvironmentTom J HancocksFrank C LangbeinDave MarshallX
372D, Multiplatform Space Invaders Game Using Microsoft XNA Game StudioStephen McQueenFrank C LangbeinRalph MartinX
40Physics Lab - Teaching packageAdam P BeechamHelen PhillipsAlun D PreeceX
422nd Year Group Project Management toolTomos J LawrenceHelen PhillipsNick J AvisX
432nd Year Group Project Management toolBechan A CarpenterHelen PhillipsDave MarshallX
51Implementation of a test tool for privacy protection algorithmsMatthew ConnopJianhua ShaoStephen HurleyX
73Soft ShadowingOwain M DaviesRalph MartinKirill SidorovX
75Factors affecting COMSC performance in the National Student Survey & the National League TablesNiall AdamsonStephen B McintoshAlun D PreeceX
78Determining the Scope for Future Automation of Banking ProcessesRhys CarpenterStephen B McintoshIrena SpasicX
80Base Station Selection in Mobile NetworksAdam Whitter-JonesStephen HurleyP L RosinX
82WiFi Environment Mapping with ArduinoTomas BashamStuart M AllenChris B JonesX
89Simply Wales Information SystemCharlotte SwinnertonWendy K IvinsRichard J WhiteX