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Projects from 2016

522Online Booking System for After-School ChildcareSimon HerrickDavid W WalkerKirill SidorovX
524Use Kali Linux to sniff GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other data that smartphones broadcast.Eirini S AnthiGeorge TheodorakopoulosWendy K IvinsX
525Raycasting Game Engine for Perceptual AwarenessSimon TitcombFrank C LangbeinJianhua ShaoX
526Gomoku AI PlayerDaniel J FordYukun LaiDavid W WalkerX
527Location-based program with privacyShazaib AhmadGeorge TheodorakopoulosPaul L RosinX
529Property Notification System with Key Tracking ApplicationPhoophanom TanprasitGeorge TheodorakopoulosOmer F RanaX
530Conversations with MotherRyan GibbsAlun D PreeceFrank C LangbeinX
531Automatic emotion capture when viewing web-based media on a smartphoneMatthew Rhys JonesDave MarshallYukun LaiX
533Slackbot Meets SHERLOCKAndrew DawsonAlun D PreecePaul L RosinX
534Implementing an information retrieval systemAleksandar I KochevIrena SpasicWendy K IvinsX
537Uncovering Personal information in the Internet of ThingsJamie P IdeAlia I AbdelmotyPadraig CorcoranX
538Welsh Natural Language Knowledge BaseElliot HowellsAlun D PreeceMichael DaleyX
539Parallelisation of Matrix Exponentials in C++/CUDA for Quantum ControlPeter DavisonFrank C LangbeinIrena SpasicX
540Photo montageXinying WangPaul L RosinFederico CeruttiX
541Gesture controlled Musical ConductingKieran FlayDave MarshallAlia I AbdelmotyX
542Venues Assistant Staff Management System (VASP)Karl E LathamAndrew C JonesPaul L RosinX
544Outreach Engagement activityShanay ShahHelen R PhillipsMartin J ChorleyX
545Information extraction from Web pagesAshley S JamesAndrew C JonesRichard BoothX
548Personal Finance ManagerThomas J WhiddettDavid W WalkerKirill SidorovX
549Defining and Controlling Location Based Privacy Settings on Facebook: A study and EvaluationSri Lakshmi HarikrishnanAlia I AbdelmotyGeorge TheodorakopoulosX
558Killer Suduko SolverThomas PettyRalph MartinRichard BoothX
560Drone Transportation Protocol for High Traffic areasNathan AhmadStuart M AllenGeorge TheodorakopoulosX
563Location based photo sharing app.Christopher PatersonMatthew J W MorganKirill SidorovX
564Sports and Surveillance Video Analysis and Annotation IIThomas G MorleyDave MarshallFederico CeruttiX
565How can we better support the student rep system?Susan P CammiadeHelen R PhillipsDave MarshallX
567Understanding open source data to improve daily engagement in a policing organisationsLauren A WeeksAlun D PreeceStuart M AllenX
568Automatic Analysis of Music Performance StyleNatalie MacHinAndrew C JonesMatthew J W MorganX
573Learning to Play Go with Neural NetworksIain MajerFrank C LangbeinMartin CaminadaX
575LiDAR Data AnalysisRoberto M DykeYukun LaiPaul L RosinX
576Monopoly simulatorMarc CorkKirill SidorovOmer F RanaX
578Automatic detection of Steganographic contentJames P TaylorMichael DaleyIrena SpasicX
580COBE - Correction of Bad ExtensionsBorislav A IvanovMichael DaleyPaul L RosinX
582Improving the Realism of a Physically Simulated Musical InstrumentDavid J HumphreysKirill SidorovRalph MartinX
583A web-based annotation interface based on wheel of emotionsPhilip MarshIrena SpasicMatthew J W MorganX
585Location Based iOS ApplicationKelsey L DowlingMartin J ChorleyAlia I AbdelmotyX
586Designing and creating a web application to streamline the character creation and maintenance process of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars systemRyan M DayFrank C LangbeinPadraig CorcoranX
587Fabricated Profiles on Social Media Platforms.Samuel MaltbyJianhua ShaoHantao LiuX
590Handwriting Recognition Using Image ProcessingKevyne L SelmoHantao LiuAlia I AbdelmotyX
593Visualisation of musicChitra LimbuChris B JonesPadraig CorcoranX
601The Internet of Things Era and its ApplicationsVikas BhatiaOmer F RanaKirill SidorovX
602Android Tides ApplicationCarlton K SandhuRalph MartinMartin CaminadaX
604Online system for a doctors surgeryJordan WoodIrena SpasicHelen R PhillipsX
607Real-time Television Companion ApplicationJames CarterXianfang SunRichard BoothX
632Application for 1-D Cellular AutomataShudong LuCoral Yan-huang WalkerMatthew J W MorganX
633Twitter Tweet Extended Metadata for Personal Data Lake StorageSteven ArthurCoral Yan-huang WalkerAlia I AbdelmotyX
635Applying text mining strategies to song lyricsSofie ChristensenDave MarshallCoral Yan-huang WalkerX
636Assessing Compliance of Web Pages using Machine LearningChristopher GreenIrena SpasicHelen R PhillipsX
637Applying team-oriented agile methods to an individual project through the creation of martial arts training softwareAlexandra BarnettHelen R PhillipsChris B JonesX
645iPhone app for recording wildflife roadkillHabimana Clement RobertChris B JonesDavid W WalkerX
647Data Analysis on the Bitcoin BlockchainMathew DanielDavid W WalkerChris B JonesX
650Programming Coursework Assessment via Unit Testing for MoodleGareth DaviesFrank C LangbeinYukun LaiX
659An implementation for a heuristic range-based classification rule deriving algorithmPhuong Anh TranJianhua ShaoXianfang SunX
662Motion Capture to MIDIDavid FindonDave MarshallYukun LaiX
665System to Support Distributed Agile DevelopmentMd Sad-Al SahabWendy K IvinsMatthew J W MorganX
673Image segmentation using CUDAKai SunDavid W WalkerXianfang SunX
681tbaSamuel WoodgateStuart M AllenKirill SidorovX