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Projects from 2017

683To what extent does an Object have ActionJiaming KeDave MarshallPadraig CorcoranX
685Medical image processing - bruisesKai ChanPaul L RosinDave MarshallX
686Laser Triangulation SLAMSamuel MartinDave MarshallFederico CeruttiX
689Medical image processing - lungsStuart ClarkPaul L RosinXianfang SunX
692University student timetabling SAT solverJames DavisFrank C LangbeinAlun D PreeceX
693Saliency in image and vision computingKenneth DasallaHantao LiuYukun LaiX
694Creating An AI That Can Play a Tactical Intelligence Game Alongside Human PlayersRobert HarrisAlun D PreeceFederico CeruttiX
696Give me the complete picture! Assessing trust in the World Wide WebOwain J CarpaniniFederico CeruttiDavid W WalkerX
697Application of ISO 17025 with Inter-Laboratory TestingBenjamin Ajax-LewisMichael DaleyAlun D PreeceX
701Privacy preserving data miningJasmin BeckfordJianhua ShaoPadraig CorcoranX
704Occupancy Monitoring App for Computer Science LabsRohan SachdevMatthew J W MorganRichard BoothX
708Real-time networking gameBraden MarshallFrank C LangbeinMatthew J W MorganX
710An Analysis of Blockchain Technology and its Commercial ExploitationTimothy FisherDavid W WalkerYukun LaiX
711Creating an AI to play OthelloOwen ShevlinFrank C LangbeinHantao LiuX
712Maximising entertainment value in the vote-reveal problemIain R JohnstonRichard BoothXianfang SunX
715Mobile car messaging systemAlex HutchingsGeorge TheodorakopoulosDavid W WalkerX
716Electronic map of COMSCMelissa WhitingHelen R PhillipsPadraig CorcoranX
722Implementing a user-friendly version of the TRAK web siteXerxes BamjiIrena SpasicKirill SidorovX
724A Study in the use of Mobile Devices for Supporting the Care of Elderly PatientsHarriet ClarkeAlia I AbdelmotyJing WuX
726Using Beacons for Location-based targeted advertisement to nearby users.Dheeraj ThankachanAlia I AbdelmotyMichael DaleyX
727Towards Anonymity In Ridesharing Applications By Using Location Obfuscation Of Origin-Destination PointsNikolay TsonevGeorge TheodorakopoulosKirill SidorovX
729The Use of Blockchain Technology in Smart ContractsDeborah KhooDavid W WalkerPaul L RosinX
730Using social media to observe wildlife distribution in the UKWilliam DunnChris B JonesFrank C LangbeinX
734A sprite-based video game engine and editor for creating component-based gamesJack EdwardsYukun LaiPaul L RosinX
735An Android version of a crowdsourcing appCorey L WatsonIrena SpasicPadraig CorcoranX
737Modelling Cyberattacks in Internet of Things environmentsThomas StevensOmer F RanaRichard BoothX
738Internet of Things SecurityChristopher HutchingsOmer F RanaKirill SidorovX
741Workout Tracker with NFCKhaledur RahmanAndrew JonesDave MarshallX
742Image analysis for museum insect drawersLouise EvansPaul L RosinXianfang SunX
744Generation of Facial CartoonsWai Yin LeungPaul L RosinYukun LaiX
747Crowd funding of Civic ProjectsAndrei HodorogOmer F RanaJing WuX
748Analysis and Visualisation of Access Attempts on a Honeypot ServerSam RuffMichael DaleyDave MarshallX
750Improving responsiveness of autoscaling systemsGregory NicholsOmer F RanaHantao LiuX
753English Draughts AIBenedict MorrisYukun LaiMartin CaminadaX
754Computing reachability graphWinston EllisPadraig CorcoranFrank C LangbeinX
756Create a simple Prototype Math Problem Solver aimed at young adults with Learning Difficulties, focusing on disability specific HCI and end user testing.Georgia K PocockMatthew J W MorganAlun D PreeceX
758A system to match Modern Language Partners.Michael JarvisHelen R PhillipsGeorge TheodorakopoulosX
762Maths Tutor Using Machine LearningJames A MorrisJianhua ShaoHantao LiuX