Cardiff members and associates

International associates:

  • I. Oren (Rehovot)

About the Cardiff node

The Cardiff node consists of two sub groups.

The first headed by Uzy Smilansky works on:

  1. Derivation of a secular equation and a trace formula for dressed quantum graphs. (Ralf Rueckriemen)
  2. The spectrum of the discrete Laplacian on d-regular graphs – spectral statistics and combinatorics. (Daniel Waltner, Idan Or)
  3. The spectra of Permutation graphs. (Idan Oren)

Together with Sven Gnutzmann (Nottingham) and Nir Davidson (Rehovot) :

  1. Experimental realizations of quantum graphs in the study of optical-fibers networks.
  2. The non-linear Schroedinger equation on graphs.

The second headed by Malcolm Brown is interested in:

  1. spectral inequalities on quantum graphs
  2. limiting behaviour of operators on shrinking graph-like domains
  3. Inverse problems