Royal Holloway, University of London members and associates

  • J. Bolte
  • G. Garforth
  • J. Kerner
  • R. Rueckriemen

About the Royal Holloway node

In the past we constructed models of Dirac operators on graphs with symplectic symmetry, confirming that their eigenvalue correlations follow random matrix predictions. We also proved a trace formula for all self-adjoint realisations of quantum graph Laplacians.

More recently we have constructed self-adjoint realisations of
many-particle Laplacians on graphs that include singular two-particle interactions. We have also studied Dirac operators on graphs coupled to time-dependent gauge fields and proved an index theorem.

Topics to be studied include:

  • Bose-Einstein condensation on graphs
  • Schwinger model on graphs
  • Dirac operators coupled to non-abelain gauge fields