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Grid-Enabled Computational Electromagnetics (GECEM)

Computational electromagnetics is of increasing importance to the civil and defence sectors. It is central to important problems such as predicting the electromagnetic compatibility between complex electronic systems, and the response of systems to lightning strikes and electromagnetic pulses

This project will use and develop Grid technology as an enabler of large-scale and globally-distributed scientific and engineering research. The focus of the project will be collaborative numerical simulation and visualisation between the UK and Singapore from which experience will be gained in the use of Grid technology to support research in the context of an ‘extended enterprise’. In addition to these high-level objectives, the project also looks to develop Grid-enabled capability and products for use by the wider community.

Important aspects of the project include the deployment and use of Grid-based mesh generation and manipulation services, the secure remote execution of computational electromagnetic simulations on the various hardware resources available at the Grid nodes including that of the Singapore Institute of High Performance Computing, and collaborative visualisation and analysis of both meshes and the simulation results by geographically dispersed participants. A critical issue in the project, and in the use of the Grid in general, is the ability to make effective use of the distributed resources in the face of dynamically changing network bandwidth constraints.