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Healthcare@Home: Patient-Centred Grid based e-Healthcare

Healthcare@Home is creating modern integrated systems for patient-centred health monitoring using Grid computing.

The project aims to integrate invasive and non-invasive patient monitoring systems with analysis of this information via Grid infrastructure. Individualized data calls will be made from multi-enterprise specialist equipment and databases such as those supporting clinical metabolic analysers, digital retinopathy cameras and body scanners. The infrastructure will also promote continuous and discontinuous (push/pull) monitoring of patients at home, employing a new class of dedicated home healthcare server relaying data from and to prototype Bluetooth sensor/communications devices from specialist companies in these fields. Such secure, integrated home monitoring systems will provide consumers (patients) with a much higher quality of feedback and thus insight into their health conditions. Sophisticated trend analysis from a variety of demographic and clinical data sources will be called from an exemplar disease parameter model for diabetes using internationally-harmonized clinical standards. The creation of a risk analysis application enables prioritization of need in focused clinical areas, scaleable to national service levels.