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Workflow Optimisation Services for e-Science Application (WoSE)

The Grid presents many challenges to application scientists. Amongst these will be the proliferation of "Grid Services" within the Open GridServices Architecture (OGSA). Service abstraction provides a useful method to model a diverse range of possible Grid resources (e.g., computational servers, data repositories, software libraries and scientic instruments). One challenge likely to face the scientist, however, will be the problem of discovering suitable Grid Services and optimising the use of these to meet their own individual requirements. It is important to note that services can include existing software libraries, and locating and utilising these effectively is an important aspect of this project.

In addition, little emphasis has been placed to date by OGSA on supporting composition of basic services to develop applications, or onenabling simple service discovery beyond that supported directly through WSDL/UDDI. Compound services must also be defined and their behaviour, in terms of inputs, outputs and events, described and recorded.

This project will develop application-level services based on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) for deployment on Grid computingsystems. Particular areas of interest are the aggregation of services; service discovery, selection, and scheduling; and, client-side APIs for these tasks.

WoSE Final Report [PDF]
David W Walker, Robert J. Allan, and John Darlington
February 2007