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Intelligent Shape Editing with Robust Feature Analysis


With the development of 3D acquisition techniques, geometric models are more and more widely available. Model editing is an effective way to generate new geometric models from existing ones. This project aims to develop a new editing framework based on robust feature analysis, which has been largely unexplored. We propose to study two related problems: robust feature analysis suitable for surface editing, and improving editing in both efficiency and quality with the guidance of features. Methods developed by the project will enable more effective editing to be carried out on triangular meshes, which has potential to be useful in wide application areas. The most direct applications are in Computer Graphics, where triangular meshes are widely used for rendering, animation and arts and Computer Aided Design, where such meshes are used to represent a variety of natural and designed shapes. Robust feature analysis techniques are fundamental to more general settings when geometric models are used, so the framework focussing on feature analysis and interactive techniques may also stimulate further research.


Funded by EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)