Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics

Computational and Analytic Problems in Spectral Theory

Welcome to the web pages for the 2016 meeting on computational and analytic problems in spectral theory.

The organisers of the meeting are B. M. Brown (Cardiff), and I. G. Wood (Kent) and the meeting is sponsored by the School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University and the London Mathematical Society. The meeting will be held from 6th-9th June 2016 in the School of Computer Science & Informatics. (See address and map information.)

The meeting will focus on both analytic and computational questions which arise in Direct and Inverse spectral problems for ODEs, Elliptic and Maxwell differential systems.

The registration fee, which will include lunch on the 4 days of the meeting, refreshments in mid-session breaks and the conference dinner, will be £120. To register for the meeting, or to enquire further, please contact Professor Malcolm Brown .

There will be student poster session as part of the conference.


The timetable for the meeting is available on this page.


The abstract for each talk is available from the talk's title below. A PDF booklet containing all the abstacts can be downloaded here.


The following are the speakers at the meeting. Click on the title of a talk to see its abstract in PDF —


The following is a list of all of the participants in the meeting —

  • Dr Giovanni Alberti (ETH Zurich) Switzerland
  • Professor Joachim von Below (Littoral) France
  • Professor Christer Bennewitz (Lund) Sweden
  • Professor Michiel van den Berg (Bristol) UK
  • Dr Sabine Boegli (Imperial College London) UK
  • Professor Malcolm Brown (Cardiff) UK
  • Dr Pedro Caro (BCAM, Bilbao) Spain
  • Dr Kirill Cherednichenko (Bath) UK
  • Dr Shane Cooper (Bath) UK
  • Professor Russell Davies (Cardiff) UK
  • Dr Jonathan Eckhardt (Vienna) Austria
  • Professor Des Evans (Cardiff) UK
  • Yan-Long Fang (UCL) UK
  • Emilio Fedele (King's College London) UK
  • Christoph Fischbacher (Kent) UK
  • Dr Gudrun Gudmundsdottir (Lund) Sweden
  • Dr Anders Hansen (Cambridge) UK
  • Professor Mariana Haragus (Franche-Compte) France
  • Desmond Harris (Cardiff) UK
  • Professor Dr Dirk Hundertmark (Karlsruhe) Germany
  • Edmund Judge (Kent) UK
  • Professor Dr Hubert Kalf (Munich) Germany
  • Magda Khalile (Paris-Sud) France
  • Dr Matthias Langer (Strathclyde) UK
  • Professor Heinz Langer (Vienna) Austria
  • Matthew Lewis (Cardiff) UK
  • Liangpan Li (Loughborough) UK
  • Dr Apala Majumdar (Bath) UK
  • Professor Marco Marletta (Cardiff) UK
  • Dr Ivor McGillivray (Bristol) UK
  • Dr Lauri Oksanen (UCL) UK
  • Dr Konstantin Pankrashkin (Paris-Sud) France
  • Dr Nicolas Popoff (Bordeaux) France
  • Professor Dr Olaf Post (Trier) Germany
  • Professor Alexander Pushnitski (King's College London) UK
  • Dr Karl-Michael Schmidt (Cardiff) UK
  • Professor Andrei Shkalikov (Moscow) Russia
  • Frederick Symons (Cardiff) UK
  • Professor Dr Christiane Tretter (Bern) Switzerland
  • Dr Ian Wood (Kent) UK