3D models have a broad range of applications in many different areas such as engineering, biology, chemistry, medicine, entertainment and cultural heritage. Many 3D models are available from the Internet and other sources, resulting in a problem of how to effectively and efficiently find required 3D models (i.e., 3D model retrieval). Current research on 3D model retrieval mainly focuses on global rigid 3D model retrieval, and algorithms for solving this problem are not effective for non-rigid and partial 3D model retrieval. Because many 3D models of interest are non-rigid (such as humans, and mechanisms), and because it is often important to consider just parts of a 3D model (e.g. find a model with a particular connector), finding an efficient way to retrieve non-rigid and partial 3D models is a pressing and challenging problem. This project intends to develop robust and sensitive algorithms for non-rigid and partial 3D model retrieval.