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Projects from 2013

106Autonomic approach to information discovery in crowd sourced data.Liam TurnerStuart M AllenJianhua ShaoX
107Web Protocol: A modern replacement for HTTPJamie HallOmer F RanaRalph MartinX
108Building a taxonomy of learning outcomes from module descriptionsCharlotte C DohertyIrena SpasicHelen PhillipsX
109Chess Analysis EngineSamuel GibbonChristine L MumfordKirill SidorovX
110Video Realistic Facial Modelling and SynthesisThomas W HartleyDave MarshallKirill SidorovX
112Configurable User Interfaces with XMLJames BriggsFrank C LangbeinXianfang SunX
115A naive Bayesian classier of bacterial Gram stain phenotypes from enzyme functional rolesRicardo L ColasantiCoral Yan-huang WalkerP L RosinX
116Online Booking System for After-School ChildcareDavid ManwaringDavid W WalkerSteven SchockaertX
118ConceptTop - Concept Map Based DesktopAlistair N SteeleFrank C LangbeinXianfang SunX
119Analysing the relationships between user tags and their demongraphic informationLowri WilliamsIrena SpasicStuart M AllenX
120An implementation of an interactive annotation game on FacebookLouise KnightIrena SpasicP L RosinX
121To What Extent can Social Networking Sites enhance the Student Education Experience?Samuel R C BoyesRoger M WhitakerAlia I AbdelmotyX
122Understanding the Structure of Social Networks from our Mobile Phone ContactsLucy RyanRoger M WhitakerNick J AvisX
126Assessing the Effectiveness of the Mobile Platform for Market ResearchMeagan E VaughanWendy K IvinsAndrew JonesX
130Subscription emailDavid D LoweFrank C LangbeinRalph MartinX
137Motion Capture to MIDIJoseph J StarlingDave MarshallYukun LaiX
138Social Media Visualization tools and techniquesMatthew R JonesNick J AvisKirill SidorovX
139Apps For Public Services [multiple projects]Mustafa AzadenAlun D PreeceXianfang SunX
140Kaoss Pad Type IPad Application for Real-time Audio and Midi ControlSteffan R WaltersDave MarshallKirill SidorovX
145Multiplayer Strategy GameAdam BoultonSteven SchockaertYukun LaiX
150The Impact of Potential Changes to the ICT Curriculum in British SchoolsElin C MorganWendy K IvinsAlia I AbdelmotyX
151Online ScrapbookJake S MiddletonIrena SpasicXianfang SunX
152Social Media Visualization tools and techniquesSteven OakleyNick J AvisXianfang SunX
153The impact of social media has made in the Arab SpringsNathan P HornerHelen PhillipsPeter BurnapX
165A mobile parts tracking system using iOS devices.Daniel J WorkmanAndrew JonesXianfang SunX
1733D Face Shape AnalysisAdam RaineDave MarshallXianfang SunX
174Investigation into the policing tactics of the riots in 2011James M MacKenzieRoger M WhitakerPeter BurnapX
176Olympic Diving Results Information SystemMatthew AishJianhua ShaoDave MarshallX
177District Nurse call scheduling problemCharlotte E LippiettHelen PhillipsYukun LaiX
178iPad app for primary schoolOliver JarrettStuart M AllenNick J AvisX
180A 'Crowd-Curated' Mobile Web Application for Short FilmIoan M JonesAlun D PreeceXianfang SunX
181System to assist in the allocating of Postgraduate teaching resourcesRuth K RyanHelen PhillipsThomas William CarnduffX
182Rubix cube solverWilliam PittP L RosinChristine L MumfordX
191Real-Time Sales Tracking System for a New Way of Doing BusinessPeng Shuang WangCoral Yan-huang WalkerAlia I AbdelmotyX
195Acquiring structured knowledge from FlickrAlex J ThomsonSteven SchockaertAlun D PreeceX
196Concurrent Thread-based Web CrawlerMichael J GrahamDavid W WalkerP L RosinX
202Android Gym Application Utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC)Brett StevensKirill SidorovChristine L MumfordX
209Addressing The Loopholes: How The Recent Legislation Change Will Effect The Sports Nutrition IndustryJoshua HarmanPeter BurnapJianhua ShaoX
212Solving N-Puzzle ProblemsAndrew J TaylorYukun LaiP L RosinX
214An Android based Social Photography Game/ApplicationDavid L WilliamsStuart M AllenDave MarshallX
216Assessment of the aspect-oriented programming paradigmRhys J O'SullivanAndrew JonesMatthew WilliamsX
217Student Staff Reps - administration SystemYoana UstrianiHelen PhillipsChristine L MumfordX
227TBAAdam ThomasGeorge TheodorakopoulosChris B JonesX
416TBARory PowerWendy K IvinsDavid W WalkerX