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Projects from 2015

330Contextually Aware Travel Application.Christopher T DaviesKonstantinos PapangelisMichael DaleyX
333Privacy Implications on the Social WebSpencer J ThomasAlia I AbdelmotyDave MarshallX
337Motion Driven Computer Games using KinectSimon WintonYukun LaiMichael DaleyX
338Object Recognition on Mobile DevicesAllan LainchburyDave MarshallKirill SidorovX
340Forensic Case Management system AnalysisJames W OwenMichael DaleyAndrew C JonesX
341Mobile Application - Colloquial Name Location ConverterBilly HickmanChris B JonesMichael DaleyX
342Using indoor location technology to create an interactive experience for users through a mobile applicationStuart M JonesChris B JonesOmer F RanaX
343Video to audio conversion for visually impairedJoseph M RedfernKirill SidorovGeorge TheodorakopoulosX
344A requirements analysis with feasibility study for a design of a pervasive fitness centre designed specifically for its membersEmma HaggartMatthew J W MorganPeter BurnapX
352Secure mobile chat with message routingDaniel J RandellGeorge TheodorakopoulosMichael DaleyX
356Image forgery detectionJoshua T HeadYukun LaiOmer F RanaX
357Parallelising the L-BFGS algorithm on GPUs for Quantum Control problemsMax ChandlerFrank C LangbeinMatthew J W MorganX
364Web portal for fashion designers providing mainstream web servicesAisha A Al-MullaDaniela TsanevaYukun LaiX
366Medical image processing - lesionsCorey WhitePaul L RosinAlia I AbdelmotyX
369Performance Analysis PortalBradley ThyerDaniela TsanevaDave MarshallX
374Identifying crime hotspots using TwitterRedmond Todd-BennettPeter BurnapXianfang SunX
375Implementation of an ontology-driven conversational agentJay RaineyIrena SpasicYukun LaiX
378Investigation into the application of Beacon technology in the entertainment industry.Adam ProbertStuart M AllenAlia I AbdelmotyX
382DIY CloudKa Him HoRalph MartinIrena SpasicX
383Training and Recruitment Assessment System for South Wales PoliceJamie O MorrisIrena SpasicAndrew C JonesX
384Artificial Intelligence for Go using Monte-Carlo tree searchThomas AgerSteven SchockaertPaul L RosinX
385Sample based Guitar (and other musical instrument) TranscriptionAlec MandersDave MarshallDaniela TsanevaX
388Extension of probability models to predict association football match outcomesKiran SmithSteven SchockaertAlia I AbdelmotyX
393News Reader with Kill FileHani ChaabanRalph MartinKonstantinos PapangelisX
397Multi-player Internet gameMichael MarronAndrew C JonesMatthew J W MorganX
403Implementation of a data privacy protection tool for relational dataBenjamin G LourenceJianhua ShaoDaniela TsanevaX
470An Enterprise Content Management System for CollaborationCary EdwardsWendy K IvinsMatthew J W MorganX
471Exploring Mobile Technologies for the Purpose of Mental Health ResearchLiam HamillYukun LaiKirill SidorovX
473Computer Music Project with Dave MarshallAlexander MannDave MarshallKirill SidorovX
474Bag of Words Image ClassifierTianyi ZhangRalph MartinYukun LaiX
475Sports and Surveillance Video Analysis and AnnotationAndrew RowlandsDave MarshallPaul L RosinX
476AI Snake PlayerSamuel RogersYukun LaiPaul L RosinX
477Personal Finance ManagerDaniel YoungDavid W WalkerAndrew C JonesX
501Motion Driven Computer Games using KinectArnaud EscalantYukun LaiRalph MartinX
625A question answering app for self-managent of knee conditionsDavid OwenIrena SpasicStuart M AllenX