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Projects from 2014

238Machine translation of guitar audioJames J CohenDave MarshallXianfang SunX
239Mapping an acute knee injury database to an ontology to support future epidemiology studiesAleksandra I NachevaIrena SpasicJianhua ShaoX
240Developing a video plugin for OBO-Edit to support physiotherapy applications of this open-source ontology editorThomas J EdwardsIrena SpasicFrank C LangbeinX
242Event detection using social mediaAdam FlaxSteven SchockaertDavid W WalkerX
243Massively Collaborative Composition of Music by EvolutionRobin H S HawkinsKirill SidorovRalph MartinX
245Intelligent game-playing opponentThomas A PrestonAndrew C JonesChristine L MumfordX
248Sports and Surveillance Video Analysis and AnnotationKaelon LloydDave MarshallPaul L RosinX
257Parallel performance study of scientific codes using CUDA and OpenCLMatthew A NunesDavid W WalkerXianfang SunX
259Building a taxonomy of tweet types and automatically classifying tweets into these typesDavid J HarrisonIrena SpasicAndrew C JonesX
260System to assist in the allocating of Postgraduate teaching resourcesGuy TuckerHelen R PhillipsJianhua ShaoX
263Pac-man AI PlayerCallum BreenYukun LaiFrank C LangbeinX
269IPad application to aid learning within primary schoolsVictoria R GreenAlia I AbdelmotyStuart M AllenX
270Racing GameNabeel AmirFrank C LangbeinYukun LaiX
272Sports and Surveillance Video Analysis and AnnotationGwenno H HughesDave MarshallFrank C LangbeinX
273Event detection using social mediaRyan F McIntyreSteven SchockaertChristine L MumfordX
274Next Generation Software Musical Instruments and Samplers.Jamie S EllsDave MarshallKirill SidorovX
275Algorithms for location trackingAlexander J ForemanGeorge TheodorakopoulosRalph MartinX
280Cloud Economics and Risk ModelsWen-Rong leon nicholas ChoongOmer F RanaMatthew James WilliamsX
282Event detection using social mediaTimothy WestSteven SchockaertCoral Yan-huang WalkerX
285Visualising Malicious Network ActivityAled O MasonOmer F RanaMichael DaleyX
286Predicting future crime activity utilizing machine learning and Flickr metadataJames WhiteSteven SchockaertIrena SpasicX
296Team project communication and Management systemShivani BhamraHelen R PhillipsDavid W WalkerX
299A requirements analysis with feasibility study for an abstract design of a pervasive kitchen designed for a student demographic.Timothy WestMatthew J W MorganChris B JonesX
315Lift Share ApplicationSam Douthwaite-RobinsonDavid W WalkerAlun D PreeceX
421ISOLDE - Energy prediction systems for TATA steel UKAhmad MoosaHelen R PhillipsMatthew J W MorganX